Monday, April 6, 2009

So Much Life...

Scenes from the Battlestar Finale...

And it was an emotional one, at that. Nary a dry eye stared at that ship in its final jump, or the green of Earth, or Roslin's dead hand, as Adama slipped his wedding ring on to it. Hell, I'm getting emotional just writing this...

As a special treat for the finale, original Galactica Group member Straight Joe joined us for the viewing. We celebrated with pizza and champaigne. Unfortunately, our resident audio engineer was out of the country, so we had to postpone our podcast. Still, we re-convened this past Sunday for a special champaigne brunch. Our buffet even had a chocolate waterfall.

After four hours of sipping mimosas and stuffing ourselves, we headed into the recording studio for a final extended podcast. On your panel...
  • Hylas, your joyful moderator
  • Unicorn, your toymaster
  • Bananas Foster, audio director extrodinaire
  • Nikkita, noted comic book writer
  • Blender, Cylon sleepy agent
  • James, music man

Enjoy the podcasts. All of us are stuck in a deep depression now, since the end. I'm working on plans for organic downloading with the hopes of jumping out into the universe to search for a dream of our own. Our Earth. Until then, we have our DVDs. And our memories.

Thank you to all of you, devoted fans. Thank you to the cast and crew of BSG, the best show ever.

So say we all.

Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

Part IV.

Part V.

Part VI.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Galatica: A Farewell

Bummed that we don't get any more Galactica? Ok, the new prequel movie "The Plan" won't have most of the cast anyway, and though the movie is about Cylons, Lucy Lawless will not appear.

Thinking of rewatching the show from the beginning? Ready to drink yourself into oblivion, Tigh Style? Here are a few ways to pass the time, and survive BSG withdrawl.

  1. Every time Gaius gets caught talking to Fantasy Six, take a drink

  2. Chug your drink if Adama cries. Chug two if he drools.

  3. Drink every time Starbuck rejects Anders.

  4. Chug your drink when someone yells "Gods Damnit!"

  5. Drink whenever someone on the show takes a drink.

  6. Dump your drink whenever, even in a moment of weakness, you think Tory is cooler than Billy.

  7. Every time Grace Park appears on screen, yell out which copy of Number 8 you think she is. If you're wrong, take a drink.

  8. Make up a toast every time someone says "toaster."

  9. Drink every time you think Adama is so lucky to have a woman as lovely as Roslin. Also take a drink whenver you think Mary McDonnell was robbed for an Emmy.

  10. Take TWO drinks if you still are displeased as to the identity of the Final Cylon. Then get with the times...

  11. Drink whenever you think you hear Jamie Bamber's british accent.

  12. Drink whenever you wonder how LOST gets better ratings. (For the record, I, Hylas, would be collapsed on the floor within about five minutes)

  13. Drink whenever you get weirded out by the Caprica Six/Tigh Relationship.

  14. Take a drink whenever Starbuck has a mood swing.

  15. Chug your drink whenever you think about Ron Moore's hair.

  16. Drink every time someone says "skinjob."

I'm currently working on a BSG hangover game to follow up. It's not going well at the moment.

Also, if you're still confused as to the complex backstory, check this out:

This sums it up rather well, I think, with a few minor errors. They are obvious enough to spot. If not, email me.

And if you still have questions about the finale, check out this interview with Ron Moore & David Eick.

Maureen Ryan also has a good chat with Moore here.

Both articles feature spoilers, of course. That said, let's face it, if you are reading this now, you've seen it all.

And, just so we have hope...

All this has happened before, and will happen again. At least one more time, anyway...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The End is the Beginning is The End...

I dreamed of Galactica last night, sailing off into the sun, our beloved characters dying or alternately vanishing.

I witnessed the Cylon fall, the breaking of the cycle, the cameo of Ron Moore.

Yes, it's over.

We're working on a big layout encompassing our finale party, along with some other Galactica goodies. It's going to take a while. We're also having a bon voyage party for the show, complete with a special show-in-review podcast. But it will take a while. In the meantime, feel free to post your thoughts here. We will see you again soon.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Abandon Ship!

Last night was what we call a "Transitional Episode." Remember the second episode of this season, with Zarek stirring up trouble? That was a transition episode too: we tidy up business from weeks past, and get plenty of set up for the next episode. Of course, since we only have two episodes left, last night's show was big on set up. Sam is now a Hybrid. Baltar is in love with Caprica Six again. Roslin is on her death bed. Hera is in the hands of Cavil, and Galactica is about to be decomissioned.

Last night we enjoyed Nikkita's trademark ribs and mac & cheese before the show. I, for one, felt an air of saddness over the group: all of us have so enjoyed our gatherings and each other's company. Would that the show could last for years. Of course, all good things...

But no need to mourn yet. In fact, here's something to cheer you up....

So, your panel for this evening...
  • Hylas, your moderator
  • Bananas Foster, your audio engineer
  • Nikkita, group chef
  • Blender, Cylon appliance
  • Jarred, physicist
  • Chris, filmmaker in training
  • Robert, our resident Dali Lama
  • Rob, our podcast virgin
  • Unicorn, our dog tag procurer
  • James, our water-spilling composer.
Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

See you next week for the Finale, Part One!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hybrid Podcast!

After another ridiculous episode which inches closer to the end, and closer to full disclosure of the series mythology, the GALACTICA GROUP has tried to do something a bit different...

Since we had trouble with our podcast last week, we did an extended podcast discussing issues from the past two episodes, rather than doing two separate recordings. Think of it as a special podcast event.

So, your panel for this week...
  • Hylas, your moderator
  • Bananas Foster, audio master
  • Jared, college genius
  • Chris, film student
  • James, composer
  • Robert, Bhudda in training
  • Unicorn, Toy dealer
  • Blender, forgotten Cylon
  • Sleestack, neurotic studio assistant
  • Mark, lounge singer
Oh, and I do know I've been bad about posting photos this season. So here...


Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

Part IV.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I want my frakking podcast!

Ok, I know you're mad.

Where's the frakking podcast?

Well as you may know occasionally we have equipment problems. Last night, they attacked again. That said, we will have double podcasts for you next week. If only we had Cylon technology to keep our audio moving!

Last night's episode was one of the most emotional of the series. Kate Vernon, Tricia Helfer, and Michael Hogan all delivered powerful work. The question remains...will Saul stay with Ellen, or with Caprica?

Join us next week for our discussion!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Full Disclosure!

Or nearly, anyway...

It's not often that I do this, but if you HAVE NOT SEEN Episode 4.15 "NO EXIT," then please, stop reading right now!!

Still here? Ok...

Last night we learned the history of the Cylon nation, and perhaps origin of the proverb "All this has happened before, and all this will happen again." So, if you're as confused as some of us in the group, let me try and re-cap this.

In the beginning, mankind lived in paradise on Kobol. As master geneticists, they developed skinjob slaves...the original Cylons, the 13th tribe. War broke out, and the tribes left for destinations unknown. The 12 human tribes went out and settled in the colonies, and the 13th tribe went to Earth.

Originally, the 13th tribe, the Cylons, never died or reproduced, the only ressurrected by downloading. But eventually, the Cylons learned to reprodcue and downloading was forgotten. Thousands of years past...and the Cylon tribe on Earth created robotic Centurians as slave labor. The Centurians rebelled, and another great war broke out. Warned (by who, we don't know) the Final Five worked to restore ressurection, and when Earth was nuked, the five downloaded to a ressurection ship in orbit.

Recognizing the cycle of destruction, the Final Five backtracked to Kobol and followed the steps of the 12 tribes to the colonies, to warn of the cycle of genocide and war. But by the time they arrived, the first Cylon war between the centurians (developed by Daniel Graystone in CAPRICA) and the humans had already broken out.

To stop the war, the Final Five granted the Centurians greatest desire: skinjob bodies and downlaod capabilities. The Five created eight models, starting with Brother John Cavil--Number One, instililng in them the greatest belief the colonial Centurians had--belief in the one true God. But then something unexpected happened. Cavil killed all the Number Sevens AND the Final Five. Then he created memory blocks when the Five downloaded, and introduced them back on Caprica as part of the colonial forces. Then, with his army of skinjob Cylons, he broke the armistace and attacked the 12 colonies.

What he didn't count on was the Five surviving and helping the colonial forces, or recovering their memories. Cavil had hoped that when the Five downloaded, they would admit their mistake in his imperfect creation. With the Ressurrection Hub destroyed, Cavil needed the Final Five to restore the hardware allowing for Cylon download. Though he had Ellen as a prisoner, she couldn't tell him alone. She needed the other Final Four to make the system work. Their equipment, and a full planet of Cylons, remains hidden on an unknown world.

So then, what of the Number 7? Does he exist? Is he Starbuck? And who warned the Final Five on Earth of the coming attack? Tori saw a man, and Galen saw a woman. Could it be Baltar and Red Six?

I guess we have to keep watching. Five episodes remain.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention. Several members of THE GALACTICA GROUP have seen a workprint of CAPRICA. They had less than flattering things to say about the new pilot, though they did confirm that the first Cylon of the series is a Centurian, and that belief in the One God stemmed from a virtual reality cult. I won't give away more than that, but let me say that the premise did not sound like a good one. The origin of the Centurians, and their belief in the One God sounds like something William Gibson would have made up on a bad day when he needed money. We'll see, when CAPRICA airs.

Now, for the podcast. On your panel tonight:
  • Hylas, your host
  • Bananas Foster, audio guru
  • Roddy, of "He's Just Not that Into You" fame
  • Blender, confused Cylon
  • Angry John, our neurotic new panelist
  • Jarred, pie loving student
  • James, awestruck composer
  • Joe, phlegm-struck prop dealer

Part I:

Part II:

Part III: